Ford Escape Packs a Big Punch for a Small Crossover SUV

The effortlessly stylish Ford Escape is a crossover SUV that comes with three powertrain options. Available in four models, this family-oriented vehicle has a starting price of just more than $23,000.

Ford's patented EcoBoost technology is integrated into the 1.5 L and 2.0 L engines of the Escape. The signature Duratec engine begins its combustion cycle through natural aspiration. Featuring six fixed gear ratios, the SelectShift automatic transmission system is standard in this Ford model. 

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Discover the Adventure-Ready Ford Explorer

Have you seen the new Ford Explorer? It's got an all-new body style and lots of extras on the inside. However, the most impressive part of the SUV is that the standard engine comes with incredible performance. At its base, the Explorer has a 3.5-liter V6 engine that puts out 290-horsepower. The SUV has a great pick-up-and-go acceleration with smooth handling that drivers have complimented since the unveiling last year.

The 2018 Explorer comes with three engine styles. The EcoBoost trim starts at a 2.3-liter turbocharged engine that can put out 280-horsepower. 

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Ford Fiesta ST Performance Excels in Style and Performance

Ford has developed a loyal following over the years as a name that consistently delivers on performance and reliability. The Fiesta, in particular, has a special class of loyalists who have been committed to this model since its inception back in 1976. The 2018 Fiesta ST, with its well-built design and sleek styling, elevates to a whole new level.

Its 1.6L Ti-VCT turbocharged direct injection EcoBoost l-4 engine powers up with an impressive 197 horsepower and 202 foot-pounds of torque. Combined with the 6-speed manual transmission, you’ve got a compact power house. 

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All New Ford Super Duty Improves Your Productivity

The Ford Super Duty has been outfitting drivers who need a heavy-duty workhorse of a hauler for years. Its rugged dependability and capability have kept it at the forefront of the full-size, heavy-duty truck class and made it a fan favorite. Drivers of the new Super Duty truck will get to benefit from all of its productivity enhancing features in 2018 as well, including:

  • 7 available cameras
  • Rear seat storage
  • Flat load floor storage
  • 6 upftitter switches in the overhead console
  • 110V/400W AC inverter outlet 
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Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Your windshield wipers should be routinely inspected to make sure they’re not cracked or worn. Since they consist of a natural material, they have a limited lifespan. The continual use of wiping away debris, rain, and snow, and their exposure to harsh elements take their toll on your wipers.

When you notice that they leave streaks on the glass, that’s a sign they need to be replaced. 

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What Are Extreme Temperatures Doing to My Car Battery?

Even though the car battery may still be operational after an extreme winter or summer, the damage may already be done. Don't risk breaking down on the side of the road because of a failed battery.

During the extreme hot weather, the chemicals inside the battery needed to perform those chemical reactions to start the car are evaporating. By accelerating the battery chemical reactions, less fluids could be an issue down the road. 

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Radiator Leaking? Bring It in for Our Engine Cooling & Radiator Service

It's never fun to realize your radiator may be leaking when you see a puddle of antifreeze under your vehicle, but you can put your mind at ease by bringing it into our service center for our experienced technicians to handle.

An engine's cooling system is critical to keeping it in good condition and performing well. Whether its the radiator, water pump, cooling fan, thermostat, or hoses, failure can mean an overheated engine that stalls out on the road, and it could suffer serious damage in the worst case scenario. Even a minor leak should be serviced as…

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Professional Mechanics Helps Motorists Maintain Transfer Case Hardware

When your tires aren't generating enough traction on the road, the transfer case may require strategic maintenance. Since a transfer case is designed with a variety of gears, proper maintenance procedures must be implemented in order to protect the hardware. If you let a professional tackle general transfer case maintenance tasks, you'll experience enhanced efficiency levels whenever the gears make adjustments to the drive mode.

Mechanics use professional-grade products to remove debris and grime off of the gears in a transfer case. This maintenance strategy is important...

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The 2018 Ford Explorer: Automotive Engineering At Its Finest

Ford has done it again. The all-new 2018 Ford Explorer is a marvel of automotive engineering. This SUV is well-crafted with unsurpassed technological components that actually comes in handy when needed. Whether you're on the open road, or you're just cruising around the block, you'll receive the most entertaining ride of any vehicle today.

Here in Pine Bluff, Trotter Ford has a good selection of Ford Explorers to choose from. A first-hand look is a great option to take as you'll get a full tour of the vehicle's attributes. The 2018 Explorer offers seven-person seating…
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BLIS System Helps You Put your Safety First

Driving can be a pretty bad experience if you don’t have a way of knowing if another driver just entered your blind spot. It is even more delicate when you have, out of caution, to check your blind spot manually. Luckily driving doesn’t have to be that tedious anymore when you’re using the Ford’s Blind Spot Information System best known as BLIS.

Mounted on the corners of the rear bumper, are two extremely advanced multi-beam radars that BLIS uses to detect all vehicles entering your blind spot. As soon as a vehicle is detected, a signal…
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